Eastern Tech Hosts JHU’s Engineering Innovation Program

Eastern Tech students Mina Al-Sahlihi, Aaron Jones, Himadri Patel, and Anusri Patel

During the month of July, high school students across the country were enrolled in a Johns Hopkins University program called “Engineering Innovation.”

In this program, students were enrolled as college students in an intensive course that allowed them to learn about many types of engineering specialties. Many students enroll in this program to help them make decisions about their future college education and careers. The topics that were addressed in the course included robotics, logic, chemical processes, vectors, statics, material science, remote measurement, dimensional analysis, and error estimation. Students were actively engaged in learning about these topics with class lectures, group discussion, lab activities, writing assignments, presentations, and calculations.

At the end of the program, students used their new knowledge to complete a final exam and a spaghetti bridge project. If students receive an “A” or “B” in the course, they have the opportunity to earn three college credits from Johns Hopkins University. 

Eastern Tech students Himadri Patel, Aaron Jones, Anusri Patel, and Mina Al-Sahlihi

This was the first year that a section of the four-week JHU program was taught at a Baltimore County public school. Eastern Technical High School students, faculty, and administrators participated in the program at their site July 5-29. Angela Waldrop, a teacher in the Engineering Careers program at Eastern Tech, was an instructor for the program in which 20 Eastern Tech students were enrolled.

In addition, the school was selected to host the Spaghetti Bridge Competition for the Eastern Tech students and other sites across Maryland. The event was held on July 29 and gave students an opportunity to showcase their designs and hard work on the bridge project. Prizes were awarded at this event for the top three designs. A student team from University of Baltimore won first place for their bridge which held 88.6 pounds. A team of Elkridge students won second place for their bridge that supported 85.7 pounds. An Eastern Technical High School team won third place for their bridge which held 68.2 pounds. 

Congratulations to all students who participated in the event!

Story by Angela Waldrop, teacher, Eastern Technical High School. Photos courtesy of Peter Glaudemans, teacher, Eastern Technical High School.
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