Chesapeake Terrace Elementary students help tornado victims


Can elementary students change the world?  A small band of students from Chesapeake Terrace Elementary in Edgemere is already doing its part to help make the lives of the tornado victims in Joplin, Missouri, a little better.

Nathan Wynne, a grade 3 student at Chesapeake Terrace, viewed the devastation reported on the news and designed a plan to help. He and several community friends, also Chesapeake Terrace students, organized a yard and lemonade sale to benefit the tornado victims. They collected their toys, made lemonade, snow cones, baked goods, and signs and began their fund raiser on June 5.  The group raised $282.50 and donated the money to the Red Cross in Joplin.

Members of the group included: Nathan and Cassidy Wynne, Brooks and Ori Imirie, Joe and Sydney Wolinski, and Paige Goodman. Children can help to change the world and a group of Chesapeake Terrace Elementary students is making a difference for others.

Story by Sue Burleson, Good News Ambassador and reading specialist, Chesapeake Terrace Elementary School. Photos courtesy of Chesapeake Terrace Elementary School.
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