Featherbed Lane Elementary recycling lessons result in mural for school lobby


In the hands of Featherbed Lane Elementary School second graders, bottle caps headed for a landfill instead became part of a mural that will beautify the school lobby.

The project began in May when the students began collecting bottle caps. Assembling the mural started on June 3 as part of school-wide I Love STEM Day activities. (STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.) The second grade focused on the benefits and importance of recycling. According to second grade teacher Caroline O’Neal, the mural was also part of the school’s Primary Talent Development unit (grant).

The second grade collected so many bottle caps that another mural is planned for next year. 


All classes were involved in STEM day activities: kindergarten students planted seeds, grade 1 students studied astronomy, grade 3 students explored recycled paper, grade 4 students learned more about simple machines, and grade 5 students went outside to launch model rockets. throughout the building. Several parents and special guests also participated.




Story by Tanya Cole, Good News Ambassador and office secretary, Featherbed Lane Elementary School. Photos courtesy of Featherbed Lane Elementary School.
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