Windsor Mill Middle School visits the Pentagon and more


On Wednesday, April 13, a group of 25 JROTC Windsor Mill Middle School students, under the direction of science teacher SSG Ralphael Smith and their infantry instructors, visited important military sites in the Washington, D.C. area.

The group’s first stop was the Pentagon where they took a mile-long tour throughout the building, seeing sights including the largest no-salute area in the U.S. military and the 9-11 memorial room (site of the airplane impact on September 11, 2001). In the memorial room, the instructors and JROTC members left a message from Principal Deborah Phelps on behalf of Windsor Mill Middle School.


Next the group traveled to Ft. Myer and ate lunch in the Army post’s dining facility. From there, the group had a private tour of the Caisson Stables, which house the horses and wagons that carry Presidents, congressmen, and military heroes during funerals at Arlington National Cemetery.

The last stop for the day was a self-guided tour of Arlington National Cemetery, which included witnessing the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, followed by a wreath-laying ceremony. 

Finally, the group visited the John F. Kennedy grave site before returning to the bus and home to Baltimore.

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