Elementary students at Oliver Beach, Chase, and Seneca "Elevate Learning"


Grade 5 students at Oliver Beach, Chase, and Seneca elementary schools are participating in an Elevate Learning pilot program. Elevate Learning is a comprehensive, result-oriented, and research-based one-to-one online tutoring program that helps students develop skills for academic excellence. 

Ten students from Oliver Beach Elementary currently participate in the program while enrolled in grade five GT math classes. Each week, they receive four days of individualized tutoring online in the computer lab. Students communicate with their tutors via headsets with microphones and a writing tablet that connects to the computer. 


The students complete assessments online with their tutors, in addition to standard Baltimore County Public Schools exams and testing.

The use of Internet technology and digital curriculum in BCPS classrooms allows new learning strategies, higher levels of student engagement and exhaustive data collection that help teachers and parents support student achievement.

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