Meet Rohan Goswami, new Student Member of the Board of Education


When Rohan Goswami talks about wanting to “help more students find excitement in the learning process” and “get more engaged in learning,” it is hard to imagine a better-equipped person to take on that challenge.

Goswami, a senior at Loch Raven High School, was appointed by Governor Martin O’Malley to serve as the student member of the Baltimore County Board of Education for the 2010-2011 school year.

In addition to serving on the Board, Goswami will spend the school year applying to colleges, taking mostly Advanced Placement courses, serving as class president, and participating in fall sports, the spring musical, debate team, Model Congress, and Model United Nations. “I enjoy having a lot to do,” he says.

When asked about his favorite subject, Goswami is temporarily stumped. “I like them all,” he says, before adding that maybe he enjoys “math and science a little more.” Upon continued reflection, he adds history to his list – which he finds “exciting,” and psychology. “That was one of my favorite electives,” he says, “because of the way it blends science with humanity.”

Goswami has attended Baltimore County Public Schools all the way through, beginning his education at Hampton Elementary School and continuing at Loch Raven Academy.  He says that he got involved with student government because he enjoys leadership, the “chance to do something for the collective good,” and planning activities and initiatives.

He anticipates that serving on the Board will offer him the opportunity to contribute on a bigger scale. “I am very excited to get started,” he notes.

Overall, Goswami says, “The school system is doing a good job.”

He believes that sometimes students are not fully aware of what is being done for them – of the different ways their needs are being addressed and that they do have a voice in the system. One idea he has to help is “more conversation, more face-to-face time,” between school and school system leaders and students.


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