Class quilt represents the brightness of Hebbville Elementary students


Each bright yellow sunflower on a quilt designed for Hebbville Elementary School’s lobby was created by a second-grade student at the school.

Installed in the school lobby on April 12, the quilt illustrates the brightness of the future and was designed to greet visitors and to show the potential of students at Hebbville Elementary.

Each of the 70 students was given a 10-inch square of artist canvas on which to paint a sunflower in the style of Vincent Van Gogh. Art teacher Joe Citrano taught students about Van Gogh’s use of thick paint and visible brushstrokes.

Students collaborated throughout the unit and placed their sunflowers on the quilt where they would be attached. Students learned about working together to achieve a larger goal, and they experienced an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.




Using the famous quilt artist Faith Ringgold for inspiration, the students also learned how to embellish the quilt with beads and buttons, again working in collaboration.

Finally, students were asked to complete this quote, “My future is so bright I can….” These quotes were then transferred onto the fabric of the quilt, so that all can see the student’s dreams for the future.

Citrano, a Perry Hall High School graduate, is in his first year of teaching. He based this project on a similar one he coordinated as a student teacher at another school. The quilt took about five weeks to complete, with progress slowed a bit because of the unexpected break for winter snow storms.

According to Citrano,  Perry Hall High art teacher John Hostalka was “pretty influential” in his decision to become an art teacher and to enter the five-year program at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), from which he received both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in fine arts and teaching.

Story by Brian Douglas Neal, resource reacher and Good News Ambassador, Hebbville Elementary School, and Diana L. Spencer, communications officer, Office of Communications. Photos courtesy of Hebbville Elementary School.
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