Charlesmont celebrates curriculum, technology, and art!


Some things about classrooms have remained the same for generations – chalkboards, desks, report cards – but others are quite new. On March 15, Charlesmont Elementary School in Dundalk invited students to bring their parents for a Curriculum/Technology Night and Art Auction to celebrate some of the newest teaching and learning tools at the school, including whiteboards called Promethean ActivBoards and student response systems called Promethean ActivExpressions.

About 100 students and family members attended, and, according to reading specialist Jane Losinger, “Parents were excited to learn about the advances being made in daily classroom instruction through the incorporation of different technologies.”


Helping the community learn more about Charlesmont’s newest technology grew out of a research project by the school’s Towson University interns – students completing a dual certification in elementary and special education. Learning more about the equipment fulfilled the research component of their student teaching internship. Sharing their findings earned them service learning hours.

“The interns are really good with technology,” explains Losinger, who also serves as site coordinator for the Towson University student teaching program. She adds that the interns worked closely with the school’s teaching staff to plan the Curriculum/Technology Night.


"I enjoyed working with the interns to plan the event,” says grade 1 and 2 teacher Tatiana Lowers. “The interns and teachers were able to piggyback off each other's ideas."

Two of the key ideas that grew out of their collaboration were dividing the evening into grade level sessions and involving students in demonstrating the technology. Parents and students asked questions throughout the presentations.

"I liked having the kids involved in the presentations so that the parents could experience the technology the kids use every day," notes Lizzie Hower, a Towson University student intern.


A special added feature of the event was an art auction coordinated by art teacher Stephanie Roberts. The silent auction, with works displayed in hallways throughout the building, featured both student and teacher artwork.

According to Losinger, while most student artwork was purchased by the artists’ parents, many parents and fellow staff members were also interested in the photographs, bags, and other crafts and art created by school staff members.


Proceeds from the art auction will support the purchase of additional art supplies.

Story by Jane Losinger, reading specialist, Good News Ambassador, and site coordinator for the Towson University student teaching program, Charlesmont Elementary School, and Diana L. Spencer, communications officer, Office of Communications. Photos courtesy of Charlesmont Elementary School.
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