Department of Innovative Learning
Technology Liaisons K-12
The technology liaison is responsible for supporting the use of instructional technology in the school. Each school's principal has been asked to identify a technology liaison who serves as the school’s contact with the Department of Innovative Learning and the Department of Technology. Liaisons work with the school improvement team and/or the school’s instructional technology team to help provide teachers and students with the knowledge and skills needed to participate meaningfully in a multicultural, technological, and change-oriented society.

Technology liaisons should:

  • be full-time in their assigned building.
  • participate in the planning and facilitation of professional development for the effective use of instructional technology in the school.
  • participate as a member of the school team(s) that plan and implement the strategies for integrating instructional technology into the School Improvement Plan.
  • be knowledgeable of the instructional digital conversion and communicate information about the BCPS system-wide technology plan to the school community
  • have the ability to operate instructional technologies and be aware of various technological resources.
  • possess a strong knowledge of instructional technologies and have the ability to do basic troubleshooting.
Responsibilities of the Instructional Technology Liaison:
  • Serves as the school’s contact with the Department of Innovative Learning (DDL) and the Department of Information Technology (DoIT).
  • Coordinates support requests with Technology Support Services (TSS).
  • Assists in the design and implementation of professional development in technology integration for school staff based on the Maryland Teacher Professional Development Standards to meet the goals of the School Improvement Plan and BCPS Blueprint 2.0 goal four.
  • Receives training, through the liaison program, in the use of new software and hardware and provides peer assistance in the use of software and hardware as they are integrated into teaching the curriculum.
  • Provides in-school troubleshooting for computer software and places service tickets for troubleshooting and repairs.
  • Has the ability to interact with the school server to configure common shares.  
  • Has the ability to access the Deployment Console to remotely deploy software, printers, and various configuration changes, as needed.
  • Serves on the school improvement team and/or the school’s instructional technology committee.
  • Utilizes the BCPS App, Web-based Application and Software Evaluation Form for staff requests for new software.
  • Shares responsibility for maintaining the school’s software and hardware inventories with the school’s technology integration teacher and/or the library media specialist.
  • Completes the MSDE and/or BCPS technology inventories as needed.
  • Supports the School Test Coordinator (STC) to provide technical support for online test administration.
  • Disseminates student user account information.
  • Follows BCPS procedures for the disposal of obsolete technology equipment.  This includes contacting TSS prior to any potential disposal of technology equipment.

Technology liaisons attend regularly scheduled liaison meetings and disseminate information from these meetings, in a timely fashion to the school’s principal and other staff members. All liaisons receive extra duty compensation; as these duties are to be performed before and/or after the normal duty day. Information for this compensation is available through the Office of the Assistant Superintendents.

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