At the heart of Students and Teachers Accessing Tomorrow (S.T.A.T.) is a learner-centered approach to instruction. Students are active participants in the learning process and make choices about how and where they learn.



In a learner-centered classroom, teachers are facilitators - or guides - in the learning process. They provide tools and support to each student based on his or her learning needs. As a device becomes available to every student, teachers can provide access to digital resources tailored to students based on their current level of understanding, learning styles, and personal interests. Teachers also provide small group instruction that might provide a different way to learn a complex concept or challenge students to dive deeper.




The furniture and space in a learner-centered classroom is arranged so students can easily transition from collaborative groups, to direct instruction, or to individual work. Students have choice in how they use the space of the classroom to best meet their learning needs.



When students each have access to their own device, robust digital content and tools are at their fingertips and empower them to make decisions about, or personalize, their learning. Students have options as to how they can learn a skill or concept and how to demonstrate they've learned it. Learning experiences are connected to real-world problems, and designed to encourage student collaboration, communication, creativity and other 21st century skills.


The S.T.A.T. Teacher

Teachers are also learners and continually seek ways to improve their own practices. With the help of an instructional coach, called a S.T.A.T. teacher, teachers now participate in learner-centered professional development in their schools. The S.T.A.T. teacher supports classroom teachers according to their needs through small group learning sessions, collaborative lesson planning, and more.

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