equityThe relationship of Equity to S.T.A.T. is a critical one. Baltimore County Public Schools is committed to move teaching and learning into the future by facilitating equitable access for all students regardless of race, special education status, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, English language Learner (ELL) status, or socioeconomic status. In 2014 the Board of Education passed Policy 0100 declaring their commitment to raising achievement for all students and closing achievement gaps. S.T.A.T. is the lever in which BCPS is actualizing that commitment.

Preparing America’s students with the skills they need to get good jobs and compete with other countries relies increasingly on interactive, personalized learning experiences driven by new technology.

White House ConnectED Initiative

BCPS Equity

The technology associated with S.T.A.T. is one of many tools that enhances the customization and personalization of teaching and learning for all students. From classroom instruction to designing digital curriculum, Baltimore County Public Schools is reimagining teaching and learning in order to maximize the potential of every student in every school. BCPS is reexamining the dynamics between educators and students, how space is used, and where and when learning occurs. Learner-centered environments along with personalized learning through technology better meet the needs of individual students to raise achievement and close gaps.

For more information check out the Office of Equity and Cultural Proficiency.

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