Grading and Procedures
Baltimore County Public Schools commits to all stakeholders to provide equitable, accurate, specific, and timely information regarding student progress towards agreed-upon common course expectations as well as feedback for next steps and growth areas.

The primary purpose of grades is to communicate what students know and can do in relation to the course expectations.

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BCPS Grading and Reporting Procedures  BCPS Grading & Reporting Procedures
  1. Grading practices must be supportive of student learning.
  2. Marking-period grades will be based solely on achievement of course or grade-level standards.
  3. Students will have multiple opportunities to demonstrate proficiency.
  4. Grades will be based on a body of evidence aligned to standards.
  5. A consistent grading scale will be used to score assignments and assessments.
  6. Accommodations and modifications will be provided for exceptional learners.


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  • For specific questions, concerns, or comments about your child’s grade please contact your child’s teacher. 
  • After you have contacted to your child’s teacher, if you still have questions, concerns, or comments about your child’s grades, their report card, or college transcript, please contact the principal or their grading and reporting designee.
  • General, thoughts, comments, or ideas about the grading policy can be shared here.
  • If you would like to speak to someone directly about the system’s grading policy please contact the Department of Curriculum Operations at 443-809-3866.
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ltQuote Children have "an instinct of workmanship" - a built-in desire to do work. It is the task of schooling to engage and nurture that "instinct" to help children learn at their best. rtQuote

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