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 All BCPS high schools have
  CTE programs.

 You may receive FREE
  college credit by successfully
  completing a CTE program.

 CTE prepares students
  for both COLLEGE and

Office of Career and Technology Education
School to Career Transition - Internship

Responsibilities of the Internship Participants

  • Student
    • Focus attention on the internship learning plan.
    • Develop academic, occupational, and employability skills.
    • Adapt to the worksite.
    • Adhere to school/employer/student/parent agreement.
    • Establish and maintain a portfolio.
    • Maintain a journal/log of the internship experience.
    • Complete an internship project.
  • Parent
    • Participate in the career exploration and development process.
    • Support child's career motivation.
    • Collaborate with school personnel in the development and execution of the
    • internship.
    • Assist their child in arranging safe and reliable transportation to and from the worksite.
  • Mentor
    • Instruct the student in safety and health procedures and policies.
    • Invest considerable time and energy.
    • Initiate the relationship with the intern.
    • Increase intern responsibilities as appropriate.
    • Have realistic expectations.
    • Orient the intern to the workplace.
    • Maintain communication with the internship coordinator.
  • Sponsoring Organization
    • Initiate the program at the worksite.
    • Exercise decision-making in managing the program.
    • Provide input to the school curriculum.
    • Screen and monitor program mentors.
    • Create work-based development opportunities for teachers.
    • Provide work-based learning opportunities for students.
  • School
    • Provide administrative leadership and support.
    • Provide flexible scheduling.
    • Provide thorough planning.
    • Establish business partnerships that provide tangible, concrete benefits to students.
  • Content Teacher
    • Incorporate Skills for Success into the instruction.
    • Assist with Learning Plan development.
    • Provide resources and expertise in project/portfolio development.
    • Include real-world applications in instruction.
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