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 All BCPS high schools have
  CTE programs.

 You may receive FREE
  college credit by successfully
  completing a CTE program.

 CTE prepares students
  for both COLLEGE and

Office of Career and Technology Education
Family and Consumer Sciences

The Middle School Family and Consumer Sciences Program

The middle school family and consumer sciences (FACS) program includes courses at grade 6, 7, and 8. The FACS courses provide knowledge and skills needed to help individuals and families address major current societal issues. The program teaches critical thinking and problem-solving skills and utilizes technology as students explore topics in the five FACS content areas:

  1. resource management, including financial literacy;
  2. individual, child and family development;
  3. nutrition and foods;
  4. clothing and textiles; and,
  5. living environments (housing and interior design).

In accordance with national FACS standards, the four major processes of thinking, communication, leadership, and management are integrated throughout FACS content areas. Interdisciplinary connections are identified and addressed throughout the middle school FACS curricula.

Middle school FACS curricula address all of the 21st Century Learning Skills:

  • 21st century interdisciplinary themes (global awareness, financial, economic, business and entrepreneurial literacy, civic literacy, and health literacy);
  • Learning and Innovation Skills (creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving, communication and collaboration),
  • Information, Media, and Technology Skills (information literacy; media literacy; information, communications, and technology literacy),
  • Life and Career Skills (flexibility and adaptability, initiative and self-direction, social and cross-cultural skills, productivity and accountability, and leadership and responsibility).
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