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  CTE programs.

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  completing a CTE program.

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Office of Career and Technology Education
Family and Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Sciences Elective Courses

Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) elective courses provide opportunities for students to explore a variety of FACS content areas in order to develop the essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes to answer the enduring questions of personal and family living across the lifespan.  These courses also introduce them to potential CTE career programs. Elective courses are offered in comprehensive high schools.

Child Development I/ Education for Responsible Parenthood*
Topics of study include influences on parenthood practices, child development, guiding child behavior, and responsibilities of parenthood.  Students participate in a child development laboratory for preschool age children.

Clothing and Textiles I 
The course emphasizes garment construction.  Related topics include consumer information, clothing choice, and careers in the textile and clothing field.  The course builds on the basic understandings and skills developed in middle school.

Decisions in Family Living   
In this course, students study the contributions that families make to individuals and society.  Course topics include communication, family relationships, family structures and life styles, human sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, management of family resources, and establishment of a healthy home environment.

Child Development II/ Education for Responsible Parenthood II* 
Students investigate ages and stages of child growth and development not studied in ERP I.  Impacts of current societal issues and technical developments on child growth and development as well as the parenting decision are examined.

Fashion Strategies 
In this course, students learn to make decisions about the selection, purchase, and care of apparel. Clothing styles and choices are examined from historical, consumer, and psychological viewpoints. Laboratory experiences are included.

Foods for Singles 
This course includes basic nutrition, safety, sanitation, selection, purchase, care, and preparation of food.  Practical laboratory preparation of food is included.  This course is designed for students with limited backgrounds in nutrition and food who want to develop cooking skills needed for living independently.

Independent Living 
In this course students learn practical skills for becoming independent.  Topics include money management, career development, consumer skills, balancing work and family, interpersonal relationships, housing selection, and food decisions.

Intercultural Nutrition and Foods   
This course focuses on the cuisines of cultures and countries throughout the world.  The effect of climate, history, geography, technology, and life style on dietary practices and methods of food preparation are explored.  Holiday traditions and celebrations are studied.  Students are provided opportunities to prepare and sample foods of each culture studied.

Living with Biotechnology 
Developments in biotechnology that impact personal and family living such as bioengineered foods, irradiated foods, genetic counseling, invitro-fertilization, and genetic fingerprinting are investigated. 

Nutrition and Foods I 
The contribution of food to life-long wellness is studied in this course.  Laboratory experiences are used to help students learn about the nutritive, psychological, and social aspects of eating.  Consumer information related to food is included.

Residential and Interior Design 
This course includes the study of the housing needs of individuals and families and ways to satisfy these needs.  Selecting, financing, furnishing, and decorating homes are studied.


*This course provides a Service Learning component.

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